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This makes poop look good. Lol. Get it?

That doesn't belong here.

That was a way cool lighning effect, but it doesn't belong in the portal. It's not really a complete project of anything. I think you should have uploaded it to dumping grounds and then linked to it in a personal art thread in the forum.


What you have looks ok, but you only have about 3 seconds of the actual movie. It's not worth uploading at this point.

RaSamuraiX responds:

I wanna see how it looked thats why I posted it

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Preh-T good

The climbing/jumping was AWESOME and the arrow mechanic was AWESOME. The game was great, but it had some weird issues.

1. WTF? you have to pick up coins in keep going?
The game should just make you sneak/ fight your way tot he end.

2. wtf is up with the weird floating walls?' And the castle is just big maze!

My suggestion would be to make a sequel where you actually ASSASINATE someone. Don't just run around cload city picking up coins. Also, the backrounds/levels should look more like real areas. (sneaking your way up a tower to assasinate so-and-so. Different objectives could be fun too. On one level you have to kill a specific person, next level you have to steal something unnoticed, then you have to spy on a conversation, etc.

Good game. hope you make a sequel

Ok, but..

IT was a fun game, but why put the laser rifle (which sucked compared to the mini) ahead of the mini gun? i thought i would be better, but it made me lose... again. The controls weren't thought out very well either. Shoulda been WASD to move, and F or E rather than K. Also, why didn't they just put a freaking lid on the container? They would have to be pretty dumb not to, You could put a hard top that they put on at the beginning and replace at each stop then you could have the birds able to break through it. Having no lid at all would be idiocy, since they already knew about the birds.


Would have been good in a different font and white letters on black backgrounds. I couldn't read it.

CobraVenom666 responds:

Yeah, I'm changing the font and stuff for the next one.

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dog95 responds:



Man, Solid Snake doesn't stand a chance, Kudos for drawing the two together.

redadder515 responds:

I don't know. Snake has a few tricks up his sleeve.
I mean, his other hand is nowhere to be seen.
Could be holding a weapon, maybe?

I like airplanes.

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